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The following online forms are created in Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can complete them electronically.

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If you would like to receive reorder reminders, please download and complete the reorder reminder form electronically.

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To help you with your sleep apnea or snoring, we require a better understanding of your daily activities, emotions, social interactions and symptoms.

At the request of your therapist, please download the required form(s) and complete each question electronically.

Submit the completed form(s) by:

  1. E-mail the completed form to
  2. Hand delivery:
    1. Print the completed form and bring it to your next appointment, or
    2. Write down the “Total” number in the coloured box and bring it to your next appointment.
  3. E-mail ( or phone (1-855-766-7388) the “Total” number to Medigas.

If you have questions, please contact us by phone (1-855-766-7388), or e-mail (


We’d love to hear from you. To help us serve you better, and improve our business and products, please download and complete this short survey electronically.

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