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Traveling with our CPAP

So far, we are about a month into my partner using CPAP and it is going well for the most part. We overcame the hose getting tangled by placing it over the headboard. We've found the right humidity level (5) and the mask (an Airfit F20) is a good fit. Our biggest hurdles have been traveling. And since I know how many questions we get at the clinic about traveling, I know it's a common issue.

The first trip was out of town for work. They didn't know if there would be electricity, or even where they were staying so he left it at home. Needless to say, I was not pleased and we started thinking about our options. 

The Airsense 10 can be operated on a battery, either a deep cycle marine battery or the smaller, lighter Pilot battery. It is still pretty bulky though. Travel machines like the Airmini or Dreamstation Go can also run on battery power and they are a lot smaller, and since they don't have a heated humidifier, they use less power! Medigas does rent the Airmini if you'd like to try it, I know my partner will be!

Next we went to our family cabin. I should let you know that 3 other members of my partners family also have CPAP, so while the cabin does not have electricity, they are prepared for CPAP! They have a series of marine batteries that last each person about 3 nights with their machines. They have inverters for the batteries so that the machine can plug in without an adapter. For recharging, they have a solar panel charging station set up at the boathouse! The batteries can also be charged using DC power. 

We packed our distilled water, although since we were right on a lake, he didn't need as much humidity. For easy cleaning we brought along unscented wipes so that the mask continues to seal properly. With all this it meant that he could get up, refreshed for that 6:30am fishing trip! Not to mention that he rest of the cabin gets a good nights rest not having to listen to the snoring... 

Watch for our next installment and let us know if you have other questions about CPAP, snoring or sleep apnea, and we will do our best to answer them!  

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