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The top 2 Direct Nasal Masks or Nasal Pillows of 2019

A month ago, we talked about the best of the most common CPAP mask – the nasal mask. Clients love it because it is secure, comfortable and relatively small. However, it is still quite a lot on your face and head. That’s why the direct nasal mask was created. It’s as small as you can get while still creating a seal and holding it on your head. This can make some people that struggle with wearing too much be able to use CPAP. Generally, it is good to stick to lower pressures – because these masks are so small, there’s a much more direct application of air and less to hold it on your face. Also, if you toss and turn this may not be for you for the same reasons. These are our two favourites in this category.

First up we have the ResMed P10. This is a favourite for our Sleep Therapists and clients alike. It is small, comfortable and the headgear can be adjusted – something that not every style has. It’s super quiet and in this mask, ResMed has added their QuietAir™ technology – this reduces the air blow to the bed partner. It also is available in a For Her option that offers smaller nose cushions and headgear for the more petite CPAP user. It is very easy to care for and apply, since there are so few parts. Another nice things about the P10, is it can be used with the travel CPAP, the Airmini. It’s pretty great!

Next is the Fisher & Paykel Brevida. As well as have the nasal prongs, this mask provides an inflatable pillow to support seal and comfort. It also has adjustable headgear and is easy to use! Notice the blue highlights on the cushion – this helps for reassembly. The Fisher & Paykel masks are known for their diffuser – this filter reduces noise and draft for the bed mate. If you’re looking for a light, comfy mask, this is a great choice!

Thank you for reading and we hope you keep enjoying our posts! Let us know if you have an idea for our next topic. And in 4 weeks, we’ll be talking full face masks for you mouth-breathers!

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