The 4 Best Nasal Masks in 2019

As long as you’re not a mouth breather, you will love these! Most patients are on nasal masks due to their comfort and security.

N20 – The nasal mask by ResMed has quickly endeared itself to our Sleep Therapists and our Clients! It features their InfinitySeal™ cushion technology that adapts to each face and provides extra support where it’s needs. It also boasts magnetic clips for easy use! Our staff love this mask because it is easy to care for, only has a few parts, and offers adaptations for fitting to anyone! There are different sizes of headgear and even a For Her model for another level of customization. This mask can also be used with the Airmini travel CPAP.

Eson 2 – This mask from Fisher & Paykel was our top mask for 2018! With the soft silicone cushion and stretchy headgear, it really is comfortable for our clients. This mask is an upgrade from the Eson mask. They added blue highlights to help with assembly and it features a washable diffuser on the front of the mask. This is more a solution for a bed partner who has CPAP air being blown in their direction all night. This diffuser works to dissipate the air coming from the exhalation port.

N30i – This is our newest mask to the market from ResMed. We admit, it’s not a traditional nasal mask but snuck it in here because it’s really cool! Known as a nasal cradle, it provides the lightness of a direct nasal mask, with added stability. While it is the most expensive mask on our list, the N30i has the tubing connect at the top of the head and features springs on the frame to help fit clients and increase stability. The design of this mask allows for more natural sleeping positions, so our clients really enjoy that feature and your eyeline is clear!

Wisp – The Wisp nasal mask from Respironics has been one of our favourites for a few years now. It features a comfortable fit and very little contact with your face. You have the option of an unobtrusive clear frame or a slightly softer fabric frame. Each mask comes with 3 different sizes of nasal cushion, so fitting is easy!

While these are our favourites, everyone is different. We always recommend a mask fitting before trying a new mask. We're excited to see what they come up with next. Stay tuned for our look at direct nasal interfaces and full face masks!

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