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Some of Our Most Helpful CPAP Accessories

Sometimes people using CPAP need more help than just the machine can provide. That’s why CPAP companies have worked hard to solve common CPAP therapy issues. Some of you may remember that even a humidifier was an additional accessory you could use. It’s come a long way since then and here we are to show you some of the newest, most helpful products!

First, we’ll look at the CPAP Pillow. A common issue for CPAP patients that sleep on their side or are restless sleepers is how much their pillow pushes the mask around. What a bully! Now, we can recommend that you switch to a firmer pillow, this allow your face to rest on the pillow, instead of sinking into it. However, the researchers at Kego Corporation have spent a long time developing the CPAP Pillow Max 2.0. This pillow will make your dreams come true – not only does it have special cut-outs for placing your mask but has a tube stabilizing band to keep your hose at bay – more on that later. Unique to the Max pillow is the ability to change the height and composition of the pillow to adjust for your specific comfort.

Something very simple and now with a lower price, are CPAP mask wipes. Every morning, CPAP users know, you need to wipe down your mask. This is to remove the facial oils etc. that build up over the night. CPAP mask wipes are safe option, for you and your equipment, to use daily. You still want to do a good wash once a week, but this is a good place to start. Another option is a damp washcloth to make sure your mask stays squeaky clean!

One of the newest products we have is the Kego Jack. This little guys suctions to your wall with a stretchy coil to hold your tubing up. Elevating your tubing helps two issues. One is to drain any condensation back into the machine instead of pooling in a loop. The second is to keep the tube out of your way while you sleep. If you sleep on your side or move around, you may find the tube is constantly hanging in your face or wrapping around you or your pillow. Some people drape the hose over their headboard, but if that isn’t an option or if your traveling, the Jack is a neat tool.

CPAP companies are always trying to address new issues that patients are experiencing. These are only some of the solutions currently available. What problem would you like fixed? What kind of product would fix it?

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