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Sleep Apnea and Your Family

Today we are at a Health Fair and getting some great questions about sleep!

A common thread this morning has been people concerned about their partners or family members. This is great! Most people with sleep apnea don’t know that they are stopping breathing at night, so unless they are so tired of being tired to say something – nothing gets done! When someone else is there to monitor or be frightened by the noises and gasping that are occurring, they can spur the person to consider testing.

We want you to be our CPAP army! Getting diagnosed is the first step towards a better life. It won’t just let you and your family member sleep better, but it will help them more that you can imagine!

Snoring is a common and well-known symptom, but certainly not the only one! Always being tired, waking up with headaches and falling asleep easily and everywhere are also common indicators. Waking up frequently to go to the bathroom can also indicate that there could be an issue with sleep apnea. Then there are the cognitive symptoms like forgetfulness, loss of concentration, and mood instability.

Remember, that this person might have been feeling these things for years, so don’t know what is or is not normal.

When in doubt, they should discuss with their doctor. They can determine further if they are a good candidate for sleep apnea testing. And they don’t need to worry! Our private home sleep test is quick, easy and absolutely painless.

Let us know what questions you have that need answers! We’re happy to discuss anything sleep related.

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