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Home Sleep Studies

When should I get a new sleep study?

Today we've had a few interesting questions from existing CPAP clients who are wondering when they should have their pressure reassessed.

My go-to answer is go with how you feel. 

You know your body and you also know how life-changing your CPAP therapy has been. If you are feeling tired in the morning, getting headaches, waking up snoring or gasping for air, then that is definitely a good sign you might want to talk to your doctor. 

Other things to pay attention to is significant weight gain or loss, certain medication changes, and other health issues. 

With the new machines, like the Airsense 10, it will actually tell you if you are having apneas again. This kind of technology is amazing for making sure our patients are well-taken care of. 

So, what do you do? First step is to your doctor. Tell them about what you are experiencing and ask them if they would recommend you for another sleep study. If you've been through the Sleep Disorder Centre, that is where you will go again. If you have not or wish to go private, please have your doctor fill out our Medigas Home Sleep Apnea Test. You are in good hands.

If this means that you do not need CPAP therapy anymore, congratulations! On the other hand, if your therapy needs to be adjusted, know that you can count on your Medigas team for help.

If you have questions about this or any other CPAP or sleep apnea matter, come join our monthly OSA Support Group for treats and information.

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