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All I want for Christmas is a CPAP...

The holidays with sleep apnea can be interesting: parties, late nights, different houses and lots of family! We have patients that choose not to use their CPAP machine during the holidays since it is just "easier". While using your CPAP therapy may bring up questions from your family, extra baggage and more planning; needless to say we think it's worth it! Remember, Medigas Manitoba has solutions for everything, so if you have questions or concerns, call us - 204-786-2727 and we will help you.

First of all, with parties, come drinks. Alcohol is a depressant and that does affect your airway!  When you are more relaxed, your airway relaxes as well, and this can aggravate your OSA. A tip: make sure that everything is set up and ready to go for when you lie down, some machines even turn on just by sensing you breathe.

It may be difficult to explain to your whole family what sleep apnea is and what the machine does to help you. It starts with you. we want you to feel comfortable talking about your sleep apnea, and when you are comfortable with it, your family will be too. Also, you may inspire others to get a sleep apnea test as well! There's nothing like family to point out that you snore louder than freight train and notice when Uncle falls asleep after every meal.

We've discussed CPAP and travel before, sleeping away from home is similar no matter where you're going. If you travel often, you may want to invest in a second machine, even a small travel unit. If that's not for you, our Sleep Therapists can ask your sleep Doctor if Provent would be a good fit for you. And never forget that you and your family will be thankful if you get a good night's sleep and your snoring doesn't keep them up all night too. If you're flying somewhere for the holidays, you will want to advise your airline of your CPAP machine - most classify it as medical carry-on and is an addition to your standard carry-on allowance.

CPAP only works if you are using it, so give yourself the gift of a good sleep this year. We won't be having our OSA support group in December, but join us in January for more interesting stories and helpful information. Let us know if you have a question for our next post! Till next time...

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