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A closer look at travel CPAP machines

With our CPAP travel Sweepstakes contest in full swing on our Facebook page, we thought it was worth explaining what travel CPAP machines are and A look at the different options available to you. Remember that all CPAP machines require a prescription for purchase. 

Travel CPAP machines can operate at fixed and sometimes Auto CPAP pressures. Bilevel machines are too complex yet to start downsizing. Travel machines can be quite small - less than half the size of a standard CPAP.

The biggest reason for this is that there is not a standard humidifier on these machines. Most patients may notice that travel machines are a little louder than their larger counterparts. Since there is less machine, there is less casing around the blower to muffle the whirring noise. Travel machines are designed to be used with "regular" tubing and masks - more on that later.

The winner of our contest will receive the ResMed Airmini kit. This machine will fit in you hand and is an excellent option for traveling. It uses HumidX™ filters to provide a humidity alternative for you. Because of this, the machine can only be used with 3 masks - the ResMed P10, N20 or F20 with the kit. This machine can be set at Auto or fixed CPAP settings. Your therapy can be managed using MyAir™, an app that when connected to your machine can give you lots of information and tips about your CPAP use. 

Another strong contender is the Respironics Dreamstation Go. A little larger than the Airmini, it includes an integrated power block, so the power cord is a non-issue. This machine can also come with an add-on battery that can clip right in! Using a smaller profile tubing, there is not a humidity option with this machine so can be used with any CPAP mask. It offers all the features of the Dreamstation CPAP machine, and a very similar, touchscreen menu for easy use. Respironics offers the DreamMapper™ programming for monitoring your therapy.

The Transcend CPAP machine is a tried and true option for CPAP travel. It is another machine that will fit in your hand and can provide a humidity alternative as well. It operates as a fixed CPAP, or there is an Auto version that can be purchased. The Transcend boasts a host of extra accessories including battery, solar panel, humidifier, and DC adaptor. This machine proves that you don’t need to lug around a marine battery to travel with your CPAP.

No matter which machine strikes your fancy, they are all good options and offer a unique experience. You can also check with your insurance company to see what they provide for coverage. Traveling with you CPAP is very possible and may even be a little exciting! Let us know what you think.


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  • Hi M. Most airlines should allow you to use the device on board. You will want to check and advise each airline well before flying, especially in terms of power requirements. They may require your machine to run off of a battery. Keep in mind that since you are only in a semi-reclined position you may not have as many events as you sleep. Have fun!

    Medigas Manitoba Ltd
  • Do airlines allow the use of CPAP on board?

    M. Bomford

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